Eight ways to increase your home value this year

sliding glass doors

Although the size and location of your house are influential on its worth, there are some features which will help keep the value on track and increase the potential sale price. Eight of these features which can increase your home value this year are:

1.    Painting

Painting is an easy, cost-effective way to refresh your home’s look and also boost its resale value. You repaint the entire house or a few rooms or incorporate a feature wall in some rooms. One of the top paint colors to consider is ivory.

2.    improve storage space

Except you plan to become or sell your house to a minimalist, having no storage space will be a potential turnoff for potential buyers. Creating open shelves and installing hooks behind doors are simple ways to increase storage space.

3.    create additional features for the outdoor area

Having an outdoor space where guests can be entertained usually makes it desirable to buyers and helps increase the value consecutively. Create shades, shelter and fire pits in the backyard is a way to achieve this. Also by adding a seamless transition sliding glass door to access your outdoor area will significantly catch the attention of your guest and buyers.

4.    Improve the outdoor area

Outdoor space perfect for entertaining will increase your home’s desirability rate. While shelter and shade are essential, fire pits have also become a popular addition to many backyards.

5.    Replace and rearrange

You can easily create an entirely new look without renovating. Change minute but essential details like doorknobs, handles, and taps. Rearranging your cabinets and other movable features will help create an entirely new look.

6.    redecorate

Adding cushions, throw pillows and rugs will make an enormous difference in the look and feel of your home. Consider decorating with artworks, replace lampshades and other essentials. The objective is to make your home appealing to potential buyers enough to make them want to live there.

7.    Work on your roof

If you plan to sell your house soon, it may be time to work on the roof. Replace it entirely if it’s more than 20 years and get a roofer to take a look at it and fix every minor defect.

8.    Do not exclude the garage

Utilize your garage space as much as possible. If you’ve got double garages, you can build a flatlet above it. Potential buyers will likely regard it as an extra which can be rented out or used as an office.

Fit your garage with cabinets and shelve which will be much appreciated if the buyer is a handyman or a lover of storage space.